Channeling Eva Peron

A few months ago, in the midst of the outrage in America at President Trump’s immigration policies which locked children behind wire fences, in camps, I felt former First Lady of Argentina Eva Peron come forward into one of my readings.

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Channeling Robin Williams

I titled this video ‘Healing with Humour’. I’m not sure why Robin Williams came forward as a potential channel but I suspect it has something to do with keeping your thoughts elevated…the connection between our thoughts and our wellbeing. I don’t do many of these sessions as they are exhausting and I have significant family […]

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Tuning into Nelson Mandela‚Äôs legacy

A few nights ago I tuned into the energetic vibration of former South African President, and freedom fighter, the late, beloved Nelson Mandela – known as Madiba which is ‘father’ in the language of the Xhosa clan (Mandela’s clan). Like other freedom fighters of an impossible era, when apartheid and suppression were endemic across the […]

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