Channeling Eva Peron

A few months ago, in the midst of the outrage in America at President Trump’s immigration policies which locked children behind wire fences, in camps, I felt former First Lady of Argentina Eva Peron come forward in one of my readings. I knew she wanted to be heard and so I made time for this channeling. Her profound kindness and genuine love for her people, especially those living in poverty, left an impression on me. Here was someone who was a devout person, who saw inequality, and wanted to be a force for change. And she was…

In this reading, Eva Peron talked about the current situation in the US where, under the direction of its current Trump-led government, children were taken from their parents, and put in camps, behind wire fences that many referred to as ‘cages’. These children come from South America…from countries that perhaps are not dissimilar from Eva Peron’s beloved Argentina, perhaps even from Argentina which would also explain her concern. 

For those who are unfamiliar with her story. Eva Peron was the First Lady of Argentina from 1946 until she died in 1952. She was born into poverty in a small rural village of Los Toldos, the youngest of five children. She married Colonel Juan Peron in 1945, who was elected President of Argentina in 1946. During the next 6 years, Eva worked closely to provide help to those living in poverty, and to advance women’s rights. She founded the first female political party in Argentina. She received strong support in return for her caring and support from the Peron’s political base, low-income, and working-class Argentines, and was given the title of Spiritual Leader of the Nation. She passed away aged 33 years from cervical cancer. The sadness in Argentina at the loss of their First Lady was acute. The streets of Buenos Aires overflowed with mourners and flowers. Her life has since been immortalized in film, including the renowned ‘Evita’.




  1. Very interesting, Maryann. Thank you. I never knew that much about her. By the way, very nice hair cut – looks great!

  2. Eva, a very interesting piece to read from you. I live about 80 miles from the Mexican Border….it has been very challenging for these people to ‘try’ to get into the USA…. We are more than sad here of how mis-treated these human beings and children have been treated. Separated at the border, these small children were handed off to 10 and 12 year olds…thank you for bringing her message to us. You do excellent work and I thank you again. Blessings to you and your family

  3. WWII – US was not impervious to concentration camps when interning Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor. Denial is easier for people of privilege when rationalizing, and marginalizing that internment is not the same as concentration. Locking children and people up soley on the basis of race is clearly a crime of and on humanity.

  4. Hi Marianne this was fascinating to hear and what a beautiful soul Eva was while she was here and how much we need her energy now. It is so sad that these children have been in the shadows and forgotten for so long without a voice. Love these readings as much as the Butterfly does with all the others. Thank you🦋 God bless stay safe.

  5. 💜💚This gave me chills and tears. Thank you. If you haven’t seen Evita with Madonna, you might w ish to…I will again. The sound track is one of my favorites. Especially with Anderio Bandarous {pretty sure there it’s something wrong with this as well as the spelling being off} anyway. He’s gorgeous in this! I’ll add her to my little table of spirituality {a little uncomfortable with calling it a shrine, like I’m All That or something} too join RPG, Gloria Steinem {sp seems of here, too}, Margaret Stanger…there is an etsy site that sells prayer candles, I’ve a few but a much longer list. For now Dollar Tree prayer candles, saged and oiled and labeled work well. I thank you for this.

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