Revealing Light Oracle

The Revealing Light Oracle aims to connect you with Spirit and to allow intuition and self-discovery to grow. Using imagery, keywords, numerology, elemental symbols, astrology, and chakra colors, the Oracle offers an empowering spiritual experience.

All elements work together or the cards can be read interpreting imagery and keywords only, thus making them suitable for all.

How to purchase

Revealing Light Oracle is available for purchase from Revealing Light Tarot and can be posted via Australia Post’s International Standard. The deck is priced at $55AUD and with a flat postage rate of $21AUD. In total $76AUD.

You can buy my deck by sending $76AUD via this link: 

Please also email me with your correct postal address and email following your payment to

Further questions on the deck can be directed to:

To help you use the deck, the following teaching video may assist:

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