I am a clairvoyant, medium, teacher and counsellor, and the founder of several successful spiritual social media platforms. I’m also an author and professional writer and communicator.

I began Revealing Light Tarot earlier this year because I felt a calling to take my spiritual work further, following a successful journey through cancer, chemo and radiation treatment. I simply could not live the same life in the same way anymore. Revealing Light Tarot is all about psychic tarot readings to bring light to the dark times.

I’ve been reading tarot for a decade. I combine intuition and mediumship with the ancient archetypes of the tarot, mixed with perception and psychological insight, to get closer to the truth.

I have qualifications in the social sciences, communications and education. I blend all my skills, as well as those of a journalist and researcher, to bring you Revealing Light Tarot.
*All Revealing Light Tarot readings are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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