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Well…after 6 months in development, I’ve finally sent the first of my ‘indie’ oracle decks on their way – to the US, to the UK, around Australia, and to Europe. The Revealing Light Oracle was created with the awareness that everything we go through, the good and the bad, and those mountains we think we are never able to climb, add up to a strong spirituality, and a strong connection with Spirit. Each card was developed with an understanding of the soul’s growth. We may come into this world with a lot to learn…, with a contract for what we go through, and a purpose and meaning to fulfill…but, hopefully, we grow, we understand, we become aware…and it all gets easier and more joyful as a result.

As someone who has battled and survived cancer, experienced all manner of bereavement, and grief and loss, I can say that nurturing spirituality is, probably, the most joyful and rewarding thing I have ever done in my life (aside from bringing new life into this world). Once understood, spirituality and connection to the Divine, offers a chance to transmute mere knowledge into awareness and a state of being, and the opportunity to understand the secret to positive manifestation.

Of course, life is rarely a ‘walk in the park’, even for experienced souls. There are still lessons to learn, and mindfulness is an ongoing practice. However, the relationship with Spirit and the connection to our higher selves is worth every effort, and self-reflection and adjustment.

But back to The Revealing Light Oracle. It was a labor of love and a chance for me to return to one of my past pursuits, writing, creative development, and publishing. The 40-card oracle uses imagery, chakra colors/energies, elemental symbols, astrology, and numerology as well as keywords and phrases to stimulate spiritual development and awareness. I use it most days as my ‘go-to’ oracle…perhaps because it mirrors the spiritual side of our human experience. My favorite cards are Hope, Moving On, Review and Gateway…well perhaps all of them, but I am biased. I have a small number available which you can purchase from me by emailing Please put Revealing Light Oracle in the subject line.

The video below shows a reading I began with the Revealing Light Oracle. I only got a couple of minutes in when the laptop cut out because of an incoming call on my phone (the two are connected and usually I have my phone on airplane mode when recording). As I got to 1:50 minutes I felt the familiar presence of the light orbs. I realized then that although the reading had cut out, I should keep the video because of the strength and visibility of the light orb. I then used the counsel in the card to handle a pressing issue. It turned out to be the right approach. That card was ‘Review’ with the words: “there is always more than one option”. This demonstrates the value of an oracle or tarot deck. You are tapping into your own intuition, your higher self, and Spirit. There is nothing more affirming than that…


      1. I can’t find your Revealing Light Oracle cards anywhere. When and how will they be available next?

        Love your channel and your readings. Thank you so much for your perspective and for sharing your gifts.

  1. Good morning Maryann

    It’s just on 07:30 in Cape Town and I was excited to receive your email. I hope you are well and I’m sure you are excited about your new deck. 🙂

    It’s challenging at the moment to get overseas mail to South Africa but once your deck is more easily available I will purchase.

    Be blessed. Stay safe and thank you for so generously sharing your readings on YouTube.

    With love, Zaeemah

    On Mon, 15 Jun 2020, 06:59 Revealing Light Tarot wrote:

    > revealinglighttarot posted: “Well…after 6 months in development, I’ve > finally sent the first of my ‘indie’ oracle decks on their way – to the US, > to the UK, around Australia, and to Europe. The Revealing Light Oracle was > created with the awareness that everything we go through, the” >

    1. That is a great idea. I will have more for sale from 1 July, and I hope by then postage is easier to SA. Thankyou for your feedback. I will establish a page on this website for the oracle and keep everyone informed.

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    | | | I enjoy Revealing Light Tarot and I adore Mary Ann (I hope I spelled her name right). I was sad and miserable until the first day I stumbled on her on You Tube. Now am happy, and can’t wait for night time to listen to her readings.  Trump can no longer make me unhappy because Mary Ann tells me differently.  She is the best and truest there is. ! She is definitely inspired by the Holy Spirit.  ISFJ Via gitarian.


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  3. Are you still planning on doing Amazon for your cards?.. I have money tucked away for the deck when you first made your announcement.

    1. Kevin I’m not sure. The decks are in Australia, so postage is always going to be from here however Australia Post has suspended its Economy Air service which is around $13Aud to the US. Once our planes get up and running again, this service should come back which will make postage cheaper.

  4. congradulations, you have been such a calming presence during these times…..thank you and much abundance in many ways on your cards

  5. I cannot wait till this comes to the US I am beyond excited for you. Unfortunately I’m not an eBay girl but the second they hit Amazon I’m on it!! I hope my spirits allow me the flow and beauty like you have to be able to bring messages to those in search or need of healing. God bless and stay safe always.

  6. Congrats! Maryanne!! Thank you for your wisdom and support during this nightmare…you have started me on a personal self journey to my higher self. Your generosity of spirit and compassion make you a very special person! Bless you!😁😘

  7. On Maryann I am so happy for you! I feel we are kindred spirits and I enjoy all your videos and I appreciate all the work you put into it .It is paying off. It is wonderful to experience the orbs! You are so blessed. I want these Oracle cards too. God bless and may the white light of protection surround you always. Namaste
    Jeanne Valenti

  8. Hi Marianne,
    I am counting the days until your gorgeous cards arrive. Thanks for being so spot-on as you would say with your readings. Much love and gratitude.

  9. “As someone who has battled and survived cancer, experienced all manner of bereavement, and grief and loss…” Those words jumped out at me instantly, for I too am a cancer survivor (stage 4) who has experienced all manner of grief and loss. I read oracle cards for myself and others. Wonderful reading. Lovely deck. Thank you. Blessings, MW

  10. Hello from Florida!

    Maryann, I just LOVE your readings and personality… I am so glad I found your channel. My question is whether your Revealing Light Oracle deck is still available? The link in this post returns a page not found. Hopefully, they are.


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