A wildlife warrior to remember

With the environment now in focus after four long years of the US overturning many environmental reforms enacted during the Obama presidency and, in Australia, a push towards coal and away from renewables, it’s a welcome relief to see the world again at the table to discuss climate change and its management. The US will rejoin the Paris Accord and pressure is mounting on Australia and other nations to lower emissions and meet targets.

Meanwhile, there are many environmental and wildlife warriors working hard, year after year, to protect our environment and draw public attention to the impact of climate change. Of course, you and I know that the natural disasters of the past few years should be enough warning…unfortunately, they are not.

Australia has a unique and beautiful environment. With a relatively small population compared to land mass, our wildlife has thrived however the bushfires of 2020 took a toll on many species. None more so than our Koalas, now in danger of extinction. Many organisations are fighting the good fight to ensure this doesn’t happen. Still this did not stop a recent state government attempting to pass legislation which would have given land developers the right to bulldoze Koala habitat in some parts of that state. Only one brave Member of Parliament, Liberal MP Catherine Cusack, stood up to her own party and voted against the legislation which meant it was voted down. This cost the MP her parliamentary secretary portfolio/role but Koala habitat was protected. I struggle to understand how this legislation could have got so far…

It’s the actions of our environmental and wildlife warriors that contribute to the continuity we enjoy in our local environments, even when our government leaders fail us. Australia is well remembered for one of the most prominent wildlife warriors of the last few decades, the late Steve Irwin. I tuned into the energetic vibration of Steve recently. I’ll let the video speak for itself.


  1. It’s unimaginable to me that a moral renegade could be heard and stop the senseless demise of your country’s beautiful koalas. It’s disheartening their job was lost in the process. At this point it’s a daydream that in the US a single voice could stop anything. At least we are counting down the days to where the voice of reason won’t be verbally assaulted through a tweet and hunt down as fair game by radical craziness. If Sideshow Don has shown me anything, it’s to never again believe I’ve seen it all. I’m eagerly awaiting the flipside to 45 and a swell of decency eventually washes over us. A baptism of hope, perhaps.

    I’m thrilled for your koala population. I hope the brave voice who said no finds a bounty of life rewards for the innocent souls she protected.

    Thanks for sharing. Good news from faraway lands doesn’t always find me.

    Heart Hugs, Kim McCamant


  2. Thank you, Maryann. He was one of my daughter’s favorites when she was a kid.

    Yes, it was THAT Machiavelli!

    When my dad was a boy, he lived on an island in the Florida Keys. His dad would take him to a certain place to get Florida lobster for the family for dinner, and, as children sometimes do, Dad saw this tremendous abundance and started stuffing his croaker sack with (what we called) crawfish. Granddaddy told him, “No, son. We never take more than we need. Put them back.”

    It wasn’t until years later that I realized that was a lesson in environmentalism at a very basic level and made me proud to come from such stock. It made me very aware of our beautiful natural world and I’ve tried to honor that teaching.

    Blessings to you,
    Sandi Campbell

  3. Steve Irwin was a one-of-a-kind special person and such a wildlife warrior!
    I am so glad that politicians are listening to us, the voters, and acknowledge the need for action on the environment. Mother Nature needs our help. I have to admit that it annoys me the huge amount of money spent trying to get to Mars – or somewhere else. There is no planet B! We have to look after Mother Earth and spend money on her wellbeing.
    Seeing as Australia tends to follow America’s example, I am so pleased #45 is on the way out and a caring and decent human being will now “light the way” : )
    Bright blessings to everyone and hope for a good year in 2021!
    Lorraine Kinley

  4. yes as a wildlife warrior, it is for the oceans and in particular the deep sea that we are fighting to prohibit the exploitation of deep sea minerals..to avoid the destruction of unknown ecosystems and species that planet relies on for health, food security and livelihood, well-being..

  5. Thank you. Especially liked… Not all people come in warm fuzzy easy to love packages. I would add, through no fault of their own, some children lose their warm fuzzy charm. There is plenty of work to be done. Embrace it with joy. Enjoy your day. Annie

    On Mon, Dec 14, 2020 at 12:42 AM Revealing Light Tarot wrote:

    > revealinglighttarot posted: ” With the environment now in focus after four > long years of the US overturning many environmental reforms enacted during > the Obama presidency and, in Australia, a push towards coal and away from > renewables, it’s a welcome relief to see the world again at ” >

  6. Thank you & Bless you for posting this very moving & inspirational reading. I am hopeful that other voices will be heard speaking the truth to power from a place of Love for the planet, the peoples and the future. This period of chaos has revealed the ugliness that we need to clean up and the fact that we all need to become an active part of the joy filled, hope filled, more equitable world that is to come…we need to choose this better path! Blessings & Peace to all!

  7. Maryanne,

    Thank you for offering us insight into this memorable human being. An uplifting moment in these curious times, reminding us to choose joy as we navigate our way on this earth. Also reminding us that as we practice gratitude, joy will present itself.

    As always I find your readings/presentations very thoughtful with a spoonful of grace as you honour the world not everyone takes the time to explore or recognize.

    I came to my computer this morning (in Canada) to check out how the Electoral Vote was proceeding in the USA, found your email and was delighted that the Universe offered me a better option Electoral vote can wait.

    Steve Irwin a pisces, Feb 22, 1962. I am not quite as brave, however as a pisces I understand how much more joyful life can be when I flow like water, even over waterfalls sometimes as I learn some of my more challenging lessons.

    Blessings and thank you again for sharing your passion.

    Barbara Stewart

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  8. Thank you for sharing news from Australia. I have had a deep love for your animals and birds all my life.
    There is a surge of humanity that is coming forward to help.
    If we walk tall and keep our intentions clear, the next ten years will show a healing of our earth and it’s plants and animals.
    In Canada, the ships are slowing for whales. We plant trees that are now rare. Bird populations have moved their territories and migration routes. Storms, floods and fires have changed the lives of many. 2020 woke many people up!
    This circle of hope spreads around the world, as everyone learns that good morals, are good business. It has been 50 years since many alternative sources of energy began to be a way forward toward free energy. Money and greed won’t work in future. A new way is coming.
    Deep gratitude for the ones helping all around our planet. I send love and good thoughts. Please know that your words help, and that your voice is wonderful! Peace

    1. Finally, the words of light and hope are being heard. We must celebrate each and every brave soul who dares to sacrifice their comforts and safety for the sake of our precious wildlife and environment. Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate!

  9. My daughter adored Steve Irwin and learned much from him as well as other popular people on Animal Planet, who brought the wildlife into our home on a daily basis. She was in elementary school when she learned of his fatal accident. We both agreed he lived life to the fullest and died doing what he loved. My daughter’s love for animals has not waned. She is currently studying to become a Vet Technician. He influenced a generation.

    1. Canada has record high temperatures. BC is experiencing 44C 111F temp.
      Challenging times as we relive residential school abuse. Protecting the water will be our next challenge. Light and love.

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