1. I think one will find a link with spirit wherever & whenever one chooses to look beyond the bonds of habit, beliefs & knowledge.

  2. For me it was seeing an owl in broad daylight soon after I had asked spirit for some sort of sign. I had never seen an owl in nature before and certainly wouldn’t have expected to see one during daylight hours. Not only that but for weeks afterwards, and still ongoing, I see owl figures, carvings etc in unexpected places as I walk around. When I see one it makes me smile and it feels comforting and uplifting.

  3. Grateful for all you do! Healing and inspiration are heard all around the world. Your voice is soothing at this time of transition. Light and love continue to inspire trust and intention.

  4. What a beautiful message. When you’ve had a year like this, it’s easy to forget we really are not ever alone. We just need to close our mouths and open our eyes. Thank you for sharing, and reminding us that we are not alone.

  5. I am soooooo impressed with your gentle honesty and ability to sit solidly in your emotions and share and teach from this place. I have been a chaplain for 25 ish years and your cancer story feels powerful. Many times people come out of this experience with a new connection to spirit and find new joy in living this human life with all it;s ups and downs…moving forward with the realization that they are no longer separate from the whole, or.God or this embrace of “Source”. You have this gift, and are open to the many forms of Spirit. I am happy to have met you and basque in your authenticity and wisdom. Thank you for choosing to live.and to share your heart with us. May you always dwell in wholeness.

  6. Tjere is such a strong link between spirit and nature. Also finding dimes at home or work or on the ground as I walk is a spiritual link for me. It’s the way my mother let’s me know she’s around.

  7. Beautiful! 🦋 Thank you. Have a glorious day! Elaine

    On Wed, Mar 10, 2021 at 10:30 PM Revealing Light Tarot wrote:

    > revealinglighttarot posted: ” Even on a bicycle pathway by the river on a > daily ride, and in the appearance of a butterfly, there is a link with > Spirit…. https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/q8A1XjZfMvK7YsbDA ” >

  8. Thank YOU, Maryann, for sharing this wonderful and deeply personal message with all of us. Yes, Spirit is right there with us in every moment if choose to see and connect. I know that a dear friend who transitioned in 2017 leaves me hearts to find everywhere. I started to find them about 3 days after she passed and they continue to this day Her birthday was Feb.14! Thanks again for this lovely piece.

  9. Beautiful Story Maryann! Love to you and your Butterflies. My Grandmother has a way of letting me know she is around by sending me red cardinals. There are several of them that come and visit me in my yard these days. I always know she is watching over me and protecting me too. Many Blessings, to you, 🙂 Catherine

  10. It is amazing when we pay attention to the messages from the other side, it can be so amazing and so uplifting. Thank you so much, you are so loved MaryAnn.

  11. This was so lovely that it made me cry. Yes, the important things in life: a perfect breeze caressing your face, a tiny green bud on a long-dormant tree, a doggie’s tail wagging like crazy. And the most important: a warm hug from a friend. I’m sending you one now…

  12. ❤️Thank you! I saw a grasshopper on top of a car at the harbor in Santa Barbara, shortly after my husband passed away. I’d never seen a grasshopper in Santa Barbara before. My friend and I got into the car and drove off. I said, “Oh, no! We drove off with my husband on top of the car.” His favorite quote was from Kung Fu. “When you can take the pebbles from my hand, then it will be time to leave. “

    1. The last line should read: “When you can take the pebbles from my hand, Grasshopper, then it will be time to leave.”

      My husband reminded me of this quote not long before he passed.

  13. What a lovely message, Maryann! I was going through a box in my basement a short time ago, and found a crystalized stone I had received as a gift from my mother a few years before she had passed (she passed away in 2008), and I was once again, missing her (as I have done every day since her passing), and then I sat down at my computer and saw your “Spiritual Connection” post! Your post made me feel as though my mother had just sent me a hello, through you! Thank you for that, and thank you for all of your wonderful videos, tarot readings and channelings! They have been an inspiration during these difficult times we have all been living through! <3

  14. I’ve been thinking about your message since this afternoon.
    Tonight, the lamp by my seat suddenly turned on one bulb, then the other. No surge, no flicker.
    I looked up and said, “Hi, Mom!”
    It’s like hope itself lit the lamp.
    Thank you for reminding us that we’re not alone.

  15. What a beautiful podcast. I am sitting at my kitchen table, in front of my patio doors. It is in the very early throes of Spring here in New Jersey, USA. The birds are making lots of noise, chirping and flying
    about making their nest in the eaves of the patio cover above my deck. When my mother past away, a humming bird hovered in front of my face and looked me squarely in the eyes. A sign today? I think so. It’s been a sad year for me, I lost my husband last September. Married for 56years. It’s just possible they both showed up today. Many blessing my friend and I thank you very much for all the spiritual work you do that I so enjoy and couldn’t do without.

  16. What a beautiful story Maryann. I have been really missing my mom and dad lately and needed your reminder that they are always with me. A couple of years ago when I moved to my current location, I found many black bird feathers on my walks through the park across from my apartment. An excellent psychic told me that my mother leaves these feathers as a sign that she walks with me. What a comforting thought. I so loved that you shared your story with us. Thank you Maryann for always walking with us on our journey. You are our North Star and I am so grateful for your revelations and guidance.🌼🌼🌼

  17. Could you tell me if I have offended someone or violated the terms of your site? My comment was under moderation then disappeared altogether. My vision is failing and perhaps I missed something. Sincerely, Dana Smith (Boreal Moon)

    On Thu, Mar 11, 2021, 1:30 AM Revealing Light Tarot wrote:

    > revealinglighttarot posted: ” Even on a bicycle pathway by the river on a > daily ride, and in the appearance of a butterfly, there is a link with > Spirit…. https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/q8A1XjZfMvK7YsbDA ” >

    1. No not at all. It is the weekend here in Australia. I try and have some time away from social media work. I just hadn’t clicked on the approve button. No need to worry. All is fine.

      1. Thank you, Maryann.
        First time commenting and I thought I was doing it rong.
        Thanks for the reassurance.

  18. I really enjoyed this, Maryann. Thank you. I’m experiencing little greetings and messages from birds. We have so many in New Zealand, and one little fantail has lately swooped and circled and peeped and chortled with insistence. They are commonly seen around my rural property, and elsewhere. I see them often. However, this one lately seems to be working hard at getting my attention. I’ve begun to recognize it. I’ve almost expected it to land on me. They are very ‘busy’ little birds. They do swoop while feeding on little flying insects. I’ve seen them countless times having their dinner this way. But this little fantail around me has been different. Chortles and chirps and swishes its tail to and fro, as if it wants me to know that messages are sent from the other side to let me know my family is around me. I choose to believe. It is gorgeous. I’m so grateful.

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