Channeling Edgar Cayce

No two channelings are the same. The process I go through is one of allowing an energy to come forward for the channeling, allowing it to build (sometimes over weeks and months) and then creating the right environment to tune in. The Edgar Cayce channeling was more spontaneous.

It had been a viewer request, and not one I’d considered pursuing until a couple of days before its recording. I was surprised at the speed, and strength, of Cayce’s energy. It was the right time to bring him though…no matter that I wasn’t prepared for the channeling…that my camera ran out of battery or that I had to finish the session on my iphone…it was as it was meant to be.

I didn’t know a lot about Cayce despite having one of his books…or a bio, I can’t recall, in my bookshelves when I was younger. I didn’t know much about his health and nutrition work, certainly not a detailed understanding and I had no idea how he brought forward his healing and predictions. I was to find out though, when his energy emerged for the channeling.

One of the strong impressions I was left with during this channeling was the light that he tapped into for his work. In my third eye vision, Cayce’s entire head was filled with light. I feel it was this light that allowed him to travel outside the confines of his human form. It is the same light that allows us to astral travel also. Before the channeling, as I tapped into his energy, I was a little anxious. The power he possessed was quite daunting and, for just a moment, I felt apprehensive. As I eased into the channeling, I understood the power of the ‘Sleeping Prophet’ was the power of the light of Spirit.

Cayce had strong messages to bring through. One was to activate our ‘thinking in pictures’. It seems when we do this, we are able to tap into knowledge/wisdom/intuition/spiritual/manifestation energies. There is far more to our ‘imagination’ than we know.

I hope you enjoy the channeling as much as I did.




  1. Thank you Maryann. I definitely resonated with your Edgar Cayce Chaneling. I go right for the third eye chakra with out taking into account the heart chakra. I think most definitely I needed to hear this at the time I watched your video. I have been giving myself big headaches doing it my way. 🌺

  2. This was a phenomenal reading! I started my studies with him and his quote of ‘Mind is indeed the Builder…what is held in the act of mental vision becomes a reality in the material experience.’ Thank you! 💙

  3. Thank you for letting me know about this channeling I’ve read many books about Edgar Cayce and he was and is an amazing spirit it’s unbelievable how he healed people and how grape juice was his go to for a lot of illnesses. Can wait to hear later on. This is gonna be so cool!!!

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  4. Your channeling of Edgar Cayce was exceptional! There were so many deeply mystical concepts shared, and I was left with many thoughts to ponder and research! And the messages brought forward in the channel were particularly relevant for this time we are living in! Thank you for taking the opportunity to channel Edgar Cayce, and for sharing such a moving and inspirational post! ❤️ ~Anita

  5. Like you I am aware of Edgar Caycee and the extensive channeling he did in health and healing. I too have a book about Edgar Caycee, the Sleeping Prophet on my bookshelf, unread. I have had a few occasions when I astral travelled. It is a wonderful feeling. When it happened I joked how I had saved the plane ticket. As I write this I realize for years I wanted to be able to teleport. Perhaps astral travel is one of the first steps. I am going to take to heart his recommendations to set intentions before falling to sleep about the matters I would like to dream about. And to think in pictures. Apparently this is how animal communicators work, as well as some psychic mediums. It is true that at the current time the world and therefore the collective conscious is fractured. We are fragmented by race, religion, language, gender, social status, skills, geography, climate and the political reality where we live. Politically there is division in most countries, with Brits starting to understand the impacts of Brexit. With media owned by people like Rupert and Lachlan spreading lies. It will be interesting now that the fake president is no longer in power how your channelling and tarot will evolve. Hopefully it will be in a positive direction helping us to understand the importance of raising our vibrations and ascending. And how if possible we can shine our light bright to help others learn the truth, that ultimately as hard as life may be, we are hear to experience emotions and learn that love is the most important one, to be shared with others.

  6. Thank you for this most profound description of where earth energy became broken and we must heal from the heart and use imagination and mental visioning to come into a better vibration holding more light, to heal. I’m finding this reading in February 2021 and hope we collectively are getting more traction than the often treadmill of broken energy. I think we’re coming out of the abyss 💗

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