The unconscious is greater than we know

A few months ago, I became conscious of Dr Sigmund Freud close by. It always works this way…I know there is a channeling to take place at some point in the future, and I wait for the energy to make itself known. Dr Freud was persistent and I feel this was his way in his earthly life.

It wasn’t always easy to channel his energy…it was intellectual and he was challenging, perceptive and piercing at times, particularly when he picked up the legacy of my childhood Catholic-guilt. Raised in the church until I was old enough to shrug off its punitive barriers and understand the truth of real spiritual connection, rather than being wedded to man-made dogma and rules, Dr Freud was able to see the imprint of this early conditioning.

That is how the channeling went. I felt he was mostly, two steps in front and I had to run to keep up, and it felt like he was psychoanalysing me some of the time. I could also feel the relationship he had with his earthly mother, and his dogged determination to satisfy his need to understand their relationship.

What struck me most of all, was Freud’s enlightenment around the vast reservoir of the unconscious. In his earthly lifetime he perceived it as linear…that it went only back to early childhood patterns. Even though he worked with dreams in his psychoanalysis, he speaks in this channeling of not going far enough. Here he provides us with a discovery that the unconscious, or ‘subconscious’, is endless, not linear, and is a vast resource for our use in our earthly lifetimes.

The question, after this channeling, was how to use it fully. My intuition tells me the answer lies in deep, spiritual connection. When we live a connected life, we are allowing a greater awareness to come forward to enrich our earthly lives.




  1. Thank you.
    You’re tarot readings give me hope.
    It is easy to become discouraged with this President.

  2. Another fascinating video. Again, thank you for sharing your gifts. They are profoundly instrumental in moving us forward on our paths. As with Nostradamus, Amelia, and Robin, isn’t it wonderful to find yet another unique and unexpected perspective to explore. We are indeed the grateful recipients of your efforts!

  3. I am extremely grateful for your work. You help me make sense of this country and the cycle it is now undergoing. It’s about time. Thank you.

  4. That was very interesting and relevant to not only personally but it speaks to what is happening in the wider world as well. Good to know we continue to expand our understanding of spirit and our connection to Source after we pass over.

  5. Words fail me blessed Maryann 🙏🏻 🌹 suffice it to say Thank You from the depth of
    My heart. Indeed you are an Angel (messenger). You are blessed beyond measure.
    Stay safe and be well. Xoxo

    Marge. B.C. Canada

  6. Thank you for sharing this! I have a deep
    respect for the unconscious!
    Have you ever heard of Neville Goddard?
    I ask, because it so compliments what you have written about Freud.
    You can listen to Neville on you tube!
    Thank you again. I always look forward to your gifts you share👏🙏❤️

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  7. 10/21/2019 – MaryAnne – What an AMAZING CHANNELING of Freud! I studied Freud’s work and his contributions to identifying the importance of dreams and analysis of the ego in our lives. I remember that Freud was an atheist in his later life and Freud wrote that religion was (he thought) actually a neurosis….BUT OF MY GOODNESS Freud’s soul has certainly evolved since his death 90 years ago! He says with you now that we enter with a spiritual blueprint that has a power over our working out of human issues. Evidence here that Freud now respects the spiritual energy of each soul to having a human incarnation for learning. Love his description of the unconscious as a “resevoir” into infinity. Amazing observations from Freud. I will have to see this video again and again and take notes. Thank you, MaryAnne, for bringing in your phenomenal conversation with Freud. I am very grateful!

  8. Hi Maryann,

    That is a great sharing. I do hope you will share once you have had a chance to diver deeper with him.


    On Mon, Oct 21, 2019 at 5:19 PM Revealing Light Tarot wrote:

    > revealinglighttarot posted: “A few months ago, I became conscious of Dr > Sigmund Freud close by. It always works this way…I know there is a > channeling to take place at some point in the future, and I wait for the > energy to make itself known. Dr Freud was persistent and I feel this w” >

  9. I have not seen the video yet but I have to say that it is such an honor that he chose you to talk to. I think that has to mean that your work is known on the other side as well. Well done Maryann! ❤️

  10. So wow ! Maryann that was fabulous ! I’ve listened to this a few times today,, I loved his/your guidance on working with our intuitions and higher selves and releasing this need to be reactive because we are coming from our instinctual selves. That it so helps others we are trying to relate to them ,,,hence not rushing in which is dictated by instincts. A few good laughs too.
    Thank you so much. Lovely work

  11. He was a brilliant man for his time and I appreciate his messages.
    Because we have evolved we now have many modalities like EFT. Color therapy. Kinesiology that assist us to release and reconnect to our Mind Body Soul . Edgar Cayce Sleeping Phrophet teachings. I’m so grateful for all your work Maryann.

  12. I thoroughly enjoy your work! I’m fairly new to your work and find myself drawn to it for clarity and insight.
    I have this fascination, desire really to understand more about this vast reservoir called the Unconscious. I think I instinctively know there is a healing in exploring this for myself.
    I do hope you can channel Freud again and bring more Light on the subject of the unconscious.
    I sense it as a vast wealth of knowledge that mankind shares but we don’t know how to tap it for wisdom and healing as of yet. Well, most of us don’t, including myself.
    I am so very grateful for you and your work Maryann 🙏🏻
    Do you teach any classes?
    David S

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