Channeling occultist Aleister Crowley

As a clairvoyant and medium, I have channeled many people on my Youtube channel, Revealing Light Tarot, Astrology and Spirituality. They have been people who have achieved great things in their lifetimes and have struggled, as we do…the channelings more powerful for their humanity, their contribution and their flaws.

It was with some apprehension that I channeled a request, not something I usually do, for occultist Aleister Crowley. Like everyone else, I had bought into the hype surrounding his name…and to be fair, Crowley himself encouraged this. I’m not sure what made me persevere and do the channeling…call it curiosity and something more…a vague suspicion there was more to Crowley than met the eye, beyond the hysteria and fear he seemed to engender.

I did the barest research before the channeling. Date of birth and death, a brief description of his life…his parents and the tarot deck which he co-created with Lady Freida Harris – the Thoth Tarot.

I went into the reading without too much awareness; and I emerged after my channeling with a new understanding of his intellect and contribution to spiritualism. I’ll let the channeling speak for itself.

Happy Halloween and Sahmein readers. There are mysteries and magic that remain hidden in the darkness of ignorance, just waiting for some light.


  1. I, for one, am wholeheartedly honored that you did so, and am proud of you for going out of your comfort zone to go where noone has before! He brought through a powerful msg regarding our Shadow selves that so many need to hear right now during this ascension. Every1 freaks out about the ‘Dark night of the Soul’ but it is essential on the path of enlightenment. Facing our Shadow self. Every1 looks fwd to connecting w/our Higher Self (our Divinity) yet not many have the knowledge & foresight to know it is a stepping stone on the path acknowledging our Dark passenger so to speak. Think of the cartoons of old showing an angel (divinity) on 1 shoulder & a devil (shadow) on the other. I blame Organized Religion for the misconception that both are outside of us. And there are many that get stuck not knowing it is a natural part of creation. I have so much more to share regarding it, and am working on putting together a video to help. Thank you thank you thank you Maryann for All that you but especially for this one!!! Sending lot’s of love from America =-)

  2. Thank you for this thoughtful email, I greatly appreciate all your skills. This particular channeling appears to be a learning lesson for all who care to go deep with you . I wanted to point out his eyes in the photo , when so much white of the eye is exposed underneath the pupil it is indicating “stress”. According face reading it also is known to draw violence to the person or violence begins with this person. I don’t know his history, but your apprehension to mix with his “dark” energy may have been wise.
    I truly have a new appreciation for the Tarot deck art designed by “Lady” ,not that I will use the deck. I have my favorite Aquarian Deck.

  3. Thank you, Maryann, for this channeling. As mentioned on Patreon, my daughter got interested in him as a teen, and I too, had bought the hype about him, and so was uneasy with her interest. (She’s a double Scorpio, born on Halloween, btw). I agree with your idea that he, himself, probably promoted the more sinister side of his reputation. He had to be either very egotistical or very brave (or both) to undertake the journey he did, and believe he could conquer his shadow side. Very interesting, and I plan to watch again to fully grasp it all.

  4. This was a big surprise. I thought you were “too nice” to have anything to do with Crowley. I’ve always been curious about him, but bought into the notion that he was “bad, evil, not nice” (for goodness sake, Marsha, “not nice?”) Thank you so much for this video. High time I grew up and stopped judging through hear say. I’ll watch it again because I’m sure there’s much more to it than I got the first time around.
    Stay well, dear heart, and know how much you are loved.

  5. this was so different. so intense. even seeing daylight out your window decend into darkness. you even looked different.Many years ago my shrink and i had many discussions about what its like to live on the edge. he said that when you live on the edge youre so hyper aware of death that you then become hyper aware of being alive. its a treacherous edge to skirt but some folks thrive on that adrenaline.and some decent into darkness. he also spoke about hedonism and how its possible to reach enlightenment thru hedonism. this was an amazing video and I have saved it. thank you.

  6. Hi Marianne,
    This was revealing about Crowley. Thanks for being able to step up and handle the sexuality he brought forward in not only himself but others. One thing for certain if he wanted to experience things deeply, that would give him insight into many sides of himself and others as well.

    He was spooky looking later in life, so I appreciate you brought ayounger version of him to light.

    Perhaps he could have reached more common ground with himself if he opted to integration rather than conquerig.

    I will listen again.

    You are a marvel and I so appreciate your willingness to face what people bring your way. You have grown so much since I have been listening to you. Love and blessings.

  7. This channeling gave me more insight into the Thoth deck. My first deck.
    I do not believe in evil or the devil. I read a lot about Crowley back in the late 70’s. Was pleased to see the younger version photo.
    There are a few connections of through people I used to know in Hollywood to the American followers. Interesting and Intriguing passers by . . .
    “Do what thy wilt and harm none shall be the whole of the law.” When quoted, people always leave out the harm none. Where is the negative?

    Thank you Maryann,

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