Chiron, the wounded healer

On January 4th, the moon sextiled (harmony and flow) Chiron. The Sun was also squaring (conflicting) Chiron. Depending on when you’re reading this there will be different astrological movements and patterns and aspects, but I want to talk a little bit more about Chiron because I believe the placement of Chiron in our astrology charts tells us about one of the most important aspects of our life’s purpose…healing.

For those who know nothing about astrology, Chiron is the wounded healer. Chiron was named after the centaur in Greek mythology who was a healer and teacher however could not heal himself. We all have Chiron in our charts and wherever this placement is, there you will find an indication of your own greatest healing powers, and also the source of your own wound. In my natal chart, Chiron is in Pisces (empathetic, mystical, intuition, psychic senses) in my 9th house which is the home of Sagittarius (learning, higher knowledge, intellectual and spiritual adventurers) which explains why I ended up using my psychic abilities in a career which metamorphosed post cancer journey. I encourage you to find a good astrologer and have a look at where your Chiron is placed in your natal chart; what sign and house because it will tell you a lot about the kind of patterns that reoccur and are present in your lifetime. For me, Chiron in Pisces in my 9th house tells me that both intuition and analysis will guide me. Equally, I can recall many, many times in my life where my I didn’t trust my intuition even though it screamed at me for attention. I wasn’t confident enough in my own strength back then even though I knew with every fibre of my being that something beyond (or within) myself was pulling me in such a way that I couldn’t ignore it. I just couldn’t necessarily explain that to anyone else in logical ways. As I navigated my way through cancer diagnosis and treatment in 2015, I drew on my intuition and quest for knowledge to devise a map of how I would travel though tough treatment to reach a destination of ’cured’. Sometimes I used logic; other times intuition. It was a complete inner and outer process to heal and learn. After cancer and confronting my mortality, I had learned to trust my intuition.

So here is what I want you to do today…find out where your Chiron is and address the wound because you shouldn’t need to go through a lifetime not understanding who you are, what your blueprint is in this lifetime, and how you can find your strength by understanding your weakness, your Achilles heel. Most importantly, understanding and becoming confident in your ability to connect deeply with others through your own experiences with your wound patterns, because Chiron shows us where we have healing powers as a result of our own deep spiritual wounds.

Sometimes you can best connect with your intuition by asking what is it that I need to know today and by feeling into that intuition and to that emotion hunch. That’s when you can apply your logic to it. I know the two don’t necessarily fit, but if your logical, conscious mind is telling you to do one thing and your intuition is screaming at you to do another, what are you going to do? You are not going to sabotage yourself by ignoring that huge voice in your head, and in your heart, because you fear whatever the warning is your intuition is allowing you to see in that present moment. If you ignore that screaming voice within, you simply sabotage yourself.

We don’t need to live constantly and permanently with our ’wound patterns’. Make a choice to take advantage of, and receive, the gift that spirit has given you…the gift of healing. That is your birth right.

Some of our most powerful intuitions will arise with matters of the heart. I believe that intuition…psychic senses, were given to us as a highly evolved navigational tool to move through this lifetime. It is the one thing that can lead to our independence because it is the highly evolved part of us; that spiritual know how and connection, that most of us aren’t even aware is there.

What do I mean by ‘living a spiritual life’? Well, this is living life with a reliable, stable, resilient, active, dialogue with the inner self. It is that connects us with spirit, with past over love ones, with the upper world, and with realms that we can’t see, touch, feel and hear with our outer self if we are leaving a mundane, earthly existence. We weren’t meant to be so limited. Instead, we were always destined to learn how to develop our inner and psychic senses.

Our fears stop us from living that divine, spiritual connection. It’s a connection that gives us so much more. It allows us to navigate tough times, and to manifest as much abundance as we are capable of in that present moment. It’s also our fear of loss of control; loss of that concreteness that is so associated with mundane living, that stops us from fully embracing the spiritual beings that we are and that we are meant to be.

At any given moment in time, we can embark on a magical journey of living spiritually. We can step forward into that journey without knowing where we are putting our feet, because intuition is our guide. Learning to hone that intuition, to fully utilise that intuition, is what will likely guarantee our steps forward in an unknown territory.

Today I urge everybody who might be reading this regardless of the time, the place, the year, to take that leap of faith…to see the world through the child’s eyes and navigate their way forward into a spiritual life. You will not find instability, rather, stability. Being your own spiritual guide will ensure you have everything you need, including the healing of any ancestral patterns and you will have your opportunity to understand your vulnerabilities, the lessons that you need to learn, and that is when you start to evolve into a spiritual being; that is when you start to live a spiritual life.


  1. I think knowing the placement of Chiron would be very helpful for and my work which has been in high security forensic psychiatry, and many other areas of mental health since 1998. I am feeling weary and this could be really helpful to know and understand. Thanks MaryAnn 💕 Arohanui from New Zealand 🌸

    1. You’re work would be extremely demanding, and valuable. Find a good astrologer in NZ and get an analysis of your chart, transits and progressions. It will be helpful to understanding the past, present and knowing what influences might be arising in the future.

  2. Thank you Maryann.
    I may try Dr.Victoria for a future consultation after I am over my disappointment with sidereal astrology were the incorrect birth month was read. It was, probably is, still Mercury rectograde so all kinds issues are happening unfortunately.

  3. I love your wisdom and heart and always learn something wonderful and inspiring. I find your presence and what you say to be very healing. I don’t know if you know that a chaplain is called a wounded healer. Let’s fill this New Year with joy! Thank you for you!

  4. Thanks you so much for your post on Chiron, The Wounded Healer, Maryann. You articulate and explain things so very well. I’ve always been a spiritual person, however, energy and light really started expanding within me during the isolation time during COVID. I’m in the latter time of my life and want to continue growing spiritually. That is my life path at this time. Blessings to you.🙏

  5. My Chiron is in Pisces as well, but in my 10th house of responsibilities, career and thus where I’ve succeeded the most in my life. As I moved along in my accounting career and received my MBA to further my ambitions, I ended up meeting one of the best bosses and now best friend. I’ve been very successful in accounting, though I did step down from a higher management level job because it wasn’t for me and I was floundering. That was with her help as well. She didn’t
    want to lose me and offered me a position that was the most interesting one of all. I’ve never believed in myself growing up and I also suffer from depression. However, over the years I’ve become to trust my intuition more and more, trust that instinct and gut feeling. Seeing my “mini victories” as I call them, accumulate helped to build my confidence and trust in myself.

  6. Wow, thank you so much for this, Maryann! I’m currently struggling with a health issue that is being pushed one way logically via the doctors, but intuitively I’m being led another way bc my body is showing visible signs of healing itself & various delays & old trauma have come up preventing me from having surgery as of yet. Up pops your post & it has me deep in thought as I’ve felt for quite a while this is all a huge, major life lesson. Chiron also in Pisces in the First House & it makes so much more sense to me now. I also kept seeing messages about miracles. Lots to think about & yes, I need to get my chart done! Lots of love & blessings to you! Thank you thank you thank you!

  7. Oh my goodness, I also have Chiron in Pisces conjunct Venus in the 11th house…. I heard that the degree of your Chiron is the same as the age you were when a major wounding happened to you. Mine is around 12 degrees and I had a public humiliation in school assembly at age 12, this resulted in me feeling inadequate for the majority of my life. I’m closing on 60 and have done a lot of work to heal from that but it’s still painful at times. Thank you.

  8. Thank you for sharing this to us,
    Maryann. I am struggling with a “variety” of health concerns and I don’t know which to tackle first. I feel helpless at times but still grateful I have the resources to seek help. Your messages in this blog resonate. I have to overcome my fear and listen to my intuition so I can get solutions before it’s too late . Blessings to you, always 🌟🌟🌟

  9. Hi Maryanne thanks for that many years ago I was told that I was a healer it is only now at 75years of age that i am making small steps in that direction
    what a pity you are not doing reading for people because I would be a client of yours
    love from NZ

  10. Thank you! Super clear and insightful. Chiron 5* ♓️ , 1st 🏡, cj S Node and Juno. It all makes sense.. 🙏🏼

  11. What a lovely message, MaryAnn. There are times in my life when I was doing well with my intuition but when chaos is about, I really forget the most important things about why I am here. Thanks so much for this beautiful reminder.

  12. Maryann, Thank you for your inspiring words about Chiron. You gave me a reading a couple of years ago and if you’re back in the market to accept readings, please let me know. You are truly a gift in my life!

    Deborah Jenkins

  13. Thank you for this information! I did some initial investigating of my Chiron placement and my jaw dropped! I need to get more clarity but at least I have a start.

  14. This is a wonderful post, Maryann…as an Evolutionary Astrologer and long-time, continuous student of Steven Forrest’s, I’ve been fascinated with Chiron since Barbara Hand Clow’s book on Chiron came out in the late 1980’s having the good fortune to meet her back then. I always look to see what Chiron’s doing in a client charts. Not sure if you’ve seen it, but Richard Tarnas’ docuseries, ‘Changing of the Gods’ has a wonderful segment featuring her. I love your YouTube posts; they motivate me when I’m doing my daily walk in the pre-dawn hours (so I can see the stars!) so many thanks for them! (Looking forward to the day when the former guy meets HIS karma!)

  15. thank you so much, maryann, for those deeply insightful and profound words. this spiritual journey is one that often gives me tingles up and down my spine, sometimes not knowing or understanding the reasons why at the time, but so grateful that i have the desire to dig deeper into it, into myself, and deepening my trust in myself and that gentle voice that is always speaking to us through oh-so-many different avenues. you are a very special lady, and whenever you speak, i hear the magnificent universe iterating those connections through your words. i feel so very honored to have “met” you along this spiritual journey for you are serving as a mentor and a dear, kindred spirit. much love and peace to you, maryann.

  16. You can figure out your own Chiron placement by going to http://www.astrodienst .com and sign in as a Guest. Add your birth data: day, time and place and look at your chart. Hummmm. It may be hard for a newbie but it’s possible.

  17. Thank you Maryann. You have been a great blessing for me over the last several years. I have learned a lot from you and look so forward to listening to your videos on YouTube. I would love to meet you one day if it is in the cards and give you a big hug!

  18. Happy New Year MaryAnn! You are definitely like chicken soup for the Soul (even though I’m vegetarian) lol.
    America is being bombarded by those who fear loss of power and, loss of an identity that is rooted in worldly gains… that’s why they’re against “Wokeness”/ being awakened, because it’s not in their best interest — also most of them wouldn’t even know where to start in turning their faces towards the sunlight….
    But We are the majority. Collectively, we will Will the New Age into Being.
    Appreciate you so much!

  19. This was such a great message. I did check my Chart…and read about my Chiron placement 6th house Sagg 27 degrees. So interesting to read about this placement. Yes, the life patterns I see clearly…lots of work to do.

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