Sunsets & memories

I was born in the flurry of an emergency. My mother who had pre-eclampsia when carrying me, was given Pethadine for the pain of childbirth. It just so happened that she was allergic to that…and so my birth became dramatic. My mum’s memories were hazy, but she did tell me it was very late in the afternoon that I was born. Later on, an astrologer friend did a birth time rectification on my natal chart and established I was born at 6.50pm. Our birthdate and place gives us which planets are in what signs of the zodiac, but a birth time gives us our Ascendant and places those planets in their signs in the zodiac’s Houses. This additional information tells us about the major themes (Houses) we are likely to encounter in our lives, and our Ascendant tells us how we present to the world.

Around 6pm in the summer months…I was born in December in the Australia…the sun is low in the sky. I have always been drawn to sunsets, perhaps because that is when I came into this world. Sunsets mark the end of a day. Metaphorically, they are about cycles drawing to a close.

I always find peace in a sunset. A stillness as activity winds down. I use this time to ride my ebike and I enjoy the gentle rays of the sun and the quietness in nature. As I was riding, literally into the sunset, the other day, I came across a ‘murder’ of crows. About 20-30 of them perched on the huge light pole of the oval I was riding around. All was quiet and I realised they were watching the sunset…and me…from their lofty perch. As I headed for home, they suddenly took flight and flew with me to a nearby tree. The crow is my spiritual totem. I paid my respects to them, and rode home as night fell.

Whether it is riding a bike, or taking a walk, the opportunity to become one with your natural surroundings deepens reflection and allows you to be in the ‘flow’ of the experience. You will never find this consuming media in your lounge room just before a sunset.

Sunsets are a gift.


  1. Thank you for sharing your experience. I always watch for your emails and YouTube. You’ve been my “go to” person for understanding the world news for a long time. Thank you 🙏

  2. Maryanne, and on that note…I’m so glad you were born. Thank you for guiding us, and giving light to these challenging times. Personally I get meloncholy over sunsets even though I too was born around that time in the late aft.

  3. Wow, I really loved this. Thanks for sharing. I really need to pull my birth chart and learn it. It’s been over 25+ years.

  4. So wonderful to be in tune with nature Maryanne. I also feel that calmness you speak of at the end of the day,when the sun is getting ready to set and a quietness takes over.

  5. Beautiful Story. Thank you for the eloquent storytelling of your birth and reflection on the sunset and crows. I talk to the crows in my neighborhood all the time as they follow me on my walks

  6. I felt a tremendous peace while reading your words. Thank you. I needed that right now. I too, especially love sunsets, they always seem so calming, peaceful and a time for reflection. Thank you.

  7. Love this so much,
    as i watch light recede
    on snow covered mountains.
    Each moment is precious.
    Thank you for all you do!

  8. The fresh air, the sunset, the Crows, the musing….So very lovely. Thank you for taking the time to share with me/us.
    It means so very much to receive this in the eve, over here in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
    Blessed Be

  9. I love this MaryAnn, it gave me chills. Thank you for sharing your experience and a little of your personal history. Much Light, love and blessings to you 🙂

  10. Mary Anne, I love this. I hope you continue sharing in this way. It is inspiring.

  11. Thank you MaryAnn for sharing your story and thoughts. I have been watching you for 3 years and find your words and messages are in perfect timing for the moment. I appreciate you sharing and spreading light and love to us all. Blessings to you

  12. Crows are so beautiful and majestic! I envy your relationship with them. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

  13. What a beautiful story, especially the crows watching the sunsets. I never thought about the birds watching the sunsets. Thank you

  14. What a beautiful insight you give us with this. In my mind I was riding with you on my bike, sharing the sunset and contact with the crows and nature. Thank you🌹

  15. Thank you for the grounding reflections on sunsets. Reminds us we a creatures of Creation along with the birds and trees, the lake, the forest… this is our element. I had my horoscope prepared many years ago and I don’t recall much except Saturn is essentially my planet. True or not, I would say my life has been a real grind, but also a life of miracles.
    I must believe the cat is my spirit animal, though I do have a relationship with the crows – doesn’t everybody? A crow told me a close friend in the hospital was going to die. He was just a boy, St Judes couldn’t save him. But the crow and diagnosis were near simultaneous.
    Thanks again. You’re the best. – Richard Randall

  16. Awesome!! Thank you for sharing. Listening to your stories calms me down. They are so profound and heartwarming 💕
    I want to find out my “spiritual totem”.
    Thank you, Maryann for sharing.

  17. Sunsets are a gift MaryAnn- and so is your beautiful post!! Inn be love the post on Chiron also. Thank you for your always thoughtful, clear and beautifully written words.🙏🏼🙏🏼♥️♥️

  18. Sunsets and crows and peace, I’m now feeling a glow while I take the first sip of my morning coffee. Thank you for sharing with us, it is such a gift.

  19. Thank you Maryann!!
    Sunsets have always made me stop to admire the beauty & reflect upon the day & all I am thankful for.

  20. Thank you, Mary Ann. I feel very close to crows, too. Once a murder of crows made an awful racket here on the corner where I live. When the noise penetrated my consciousness, I figured my ginger tom cat had killed, or was trying to kill, one of them. I went out to find him and bring him indoors. I found him with a baby rabbit in his mouth. When he saw me, he immediately dropped the rabbit and the rabbit ran off. The crows hushed. I told him he was a horrible, horrible cat and he needn’t grin, I knew what an awful cat he was and loved him anyway. I thanked the crows (out loud. what must the neighbors think?) and brought him inside.
    Later I began to think about that. Crows, who are not responsible for rabbits in any way, sounded the alarm when a baby rabbit was in trouble and hushed when the trouble was over. They even knew I was talking to them when I thanked them. Can’t say how I knew, I just knew.
    Now, to me, crows stand for justice. They know right from wrong and do all they can to insure justice is done. Or so I imagine.

  21. What a lovely thing to share. I love the moments when I’m drawn into the absolute beauty of nature that surrounds me. I’m lucky enough to live in a place where that often happens, and it’s always a blessing.

  22. I loved this Marianne. I was born at 8:37 AM and I naturally wake up at that time most mornings. Thank you. I never realized the correlation before.

  23. Thank you so for your kind and gentle reminders. I was born on the west coast in the US early in the morning. And I feel the same about sunrises.

  24. Can I come and live in your country; I feel I can breath when I see your country side. Thank you for sharing.

  25. Lovely sentiment and a beautiful photograph!
    Thank you for sharing such a personal and informative story. I’ve been a fan since I saw you and Lena do a collaboration years ago. BTW, I have ORB ENVY. I want orbs too. Lol.

  26. The synchrony of much in our lives is amazing, and thanks for sharing this one. I was reading the other day about the influence we have on other people, and how we don’t see the impact of what we say and do, as we are only looking at it through our eyes.

  27. I was born in the northern hemisphere also in December. Now I live in the southern US but I am so exhilarated by the cold of winter. I always felt that my love of the cold fresh air was tied to my birth in a snowstorm in a cold northern state. As far as the time of birth, my was early morning. I am very much an early morning person. The quiet before dawn is my spiritual time and has been for years. I just never thought about my time of birth influencing my like preferences. Thank you for the insight.

  28. My gosh, my first child I had preeclampsia and then it blew up into Toxemia. My son was born finally by emergency C section and I was pretty sick for a while afterwards. I too love sunsets. I love sunrises as well but I’m not an early riser most days.

  29. So beautifully written..I can feel the stillness and calmness of your Sunset. I have often stopped and admired Sunsets in my part of the world also specially when my garden is in full bloom.
    Right now, in my world everything is white. When Sunset here ends the cycle of a day to visit your part of the world down under, it leaves on that white blanket many shades of beautiful peach, light orange, various shades of pink intertwined with bleus with those magnificent rays.
    Sometimes, in the evening, we can see Northern Lights. It is as if magic is moving in the sky. It is breathtaking. Jupiter and Venus that where aligned last week..Amazing brightness flashing in the firmament. In front of these natural wonders, I bow in gratefulness and ask that somewhere else presently in the world, peace and stillness comes swiftly for those who are suffering terribly

  30. I so enjoyed reading that short story. The word peaceful came to mind even with the dramatic way you were brought into this world. I hope that makes sense. 💕

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