A handful of sunflower seeds

landscape photography of sunflower field during sunset
Photo by Peter de Vink on Pexels.com

As I sit listening to the rain on my corrugated iron roof, I have one eye on my Washington Post subscription feeding through my email. On the one hand the rain…the wind howling a little at the corner of our home and the late afternoon sun on green grass, are worlds away from the tragedy unfolding in the Middle East. I am waiting for what my intuitive senses tell me is coming; an acceleration of the violence and bloodshed and the catastrophe unfolding in Gaza right now.

As I write this…from the safety of my Australian home and the gentle sound of that rain on my roof…I cannot comprehend the suffering that is occurring right now.

So much of the world is like a tinder box. Do I need to say one spark and the fire will ignite and grow? I don’t think so. We all know what’s at stake. We feel it and sense it.

In February 2022 we watched helplessly while Russian soldiers and tanks crossed the border into sovereign Ukraine, intent on a blitzkrieg and toppling its young democratically elected leader. The Russian Emperor proxy Vladimir Putin had longed dreamed of reuniting the former Soviet Union borders under his authoritarian reign. We then witnessed the courage and sacrifice of the Ukrainians, hundreds of thousands of lives lost, Ukrainian and Russian, on the fields where once sunflowers and blades of wheat grew.

I still have the t-shirt sold in a Ukrainian fundraiser, of an old woman standing in front of the Russian tank in defiance, hand outstretched and giving the enemy soldier a handful of sunflower seeds. “Put them in your pockets, so at least sunflowers will grow when you all lie down here.”

A simple scene highlighting the pointlessness of war, death and destruction.

Unfolding now is yet another tragedy which the world of humanity could not stop. A terrorist organisation trained by the Russian Wagner mercenaries (most likely somewhere in Africa) and financed by Iran, with weapons from Russia, stormed into Israel and viciously killed hundreds of Israeli’s, taking some of them hostage in Gaza, holding both the innocent Palestinian families and the Israeli’s hostage in what some describe as an ‘open air prison’…the Gaza Strip.

Bombs are dropped indiscriminately now on both sides, no hope for a peaceful settlement, and nearby Arab countries like Egypt, Iran and Lebanon one step away from joining the fray. US warships are anchored at the ready, as a deterrent against escalation.

In the US, the opposition party is actively discrediting the current President of their country, spouting Russian talking points on Ukraine, and its leader, the former US president Donald Trump talking up the terrorists. One chamber of its Congress is paralysed, held hostage by the extreme wing of the GOP, unable to function. The US at a time when the world is on the edge of the precipice, is legislatively neutered and leaderless.

What hope have we got when the world has gone so terribly wrong?

In times like this, when the darkness obscures almost all of the light, I focus on hope. I focus on what I know…that the world is changing and that old myths, tokenisms and narratives that suit the very people that led us into the darkness, are being exposed.

I focus on the light of truth and I know that truth-telling leads to justice, and justice leads us to balance. Perhaps this balance is the gift from God, to peel away the layers of detritus to reveal the truth because when we have truth, we have clarity, decision-making and a way forward.

I made this video a few months ago, using the Angel Tarot. It is relevant to this blog and for this time. I hope it provides some comfort.


  1. Thank you for this, Mary Ann. Reading has been my coping mechanism this past week. As much as I love my readers on You Tube, reading wise words that reflect reality but give perspective has been the most helpful. That…and prayer.

  2. Thank you for this. It’s 4 AM in NYC for the past several nights I cannot sleep, I am feeling the terror of the Palestinians who are now being attacked as the try to run for their lives but there’s no where to run everythings been cut off. The horror of the brutal carnage Hamas did to the Israelis, the children. In NYC today there were again massive demonstrations. How can it stop? An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind

  3. Love you so much!
    May kindness and peace prevail,
    seeds of comprehension.
    Intention and words matter!
    Focus and Unity.

  4. Thank you Maryann for your words of wisdom and comfort in these troubling times. I do believe the world will be a better place when all this is resolved. Bless you for your strength. Love and Light, Lorraine

  5. MaryAnne, I want to thank you for your commentary about what is occurring in the Middle East. It has become difficult for me to listen to the news because I can hear and feel the confusion and fear. Hope is a good energy to hold for this situation, and Light and Vision is what I can add to it.

    My prayer is that this will bring the necessary changes to that part of world that are needed to promote fairness and goodness toward the people of that region. Sometimes the road is hard to travel when we are looking and trying to reach the ultimate destination. But in this world of duality, those of us who hold on to the “light”, must always be aware of the “dark” that is always close at hand.

    I watch your channel often and I am grateful for the gift that you share with the world. Peace and blessings to you and your family.

  6. Maryann I so appreciate your words when you post. As an older adult I don’t feel safe anymore, but started to feel some peace. I see so much trauma in the world it is a matter of time before it is throughout or we find peace with each other. Blessings to you and thank you

  7. Thank you Maryann. Your wisdom and spiritual love and light are a blessing to us all. Through your insight I too have hope and believe that from all this hate and death and war will emerge a better, more loving, world. Thank you again, for all you do!

  8. Thank you, for helping me find some sense of balance in this time of evil and heartbreaking trauma that we are all experiencing at the core of our being.

    The momentary feeling of relief, that came with Trump being voted out of office, has long since passed along with the hope of a rapid course correction and healing for the world.

    I recognize now, that this is a much bigger and deeper, world wide assault of pure evil upon all that is good and decent. I now recognize that the battle is occurring not just within America, Ukraine and Russia, Israel and Hamas but rather begins within each of us.

    I am focusing my energies on supporting the good and decent within myself. What do I mean by that? That my anger and outrage and even my moments of wanting to lash out at the perceived enemies to peace and love, be countered by mercy, understanding, forgiveness, wisdom, proper action, and love.

    May the love and goodness within all of us, overcome and prevail.

  9. Oh, beautiful MaryAnn I cried reading your heartfelt blog. I feel the heaviness in my heart for all those suffering. As I sit in my warm home thousands of miles from all the unrest, I too have to feel hope for a better world. I choose not to live in fear, to live in kindness, x compassion & love. So grateful for you, our fabulous President and all those fighting for truth. Blessings! ❤️🌹

  10. Having my morning tea reading your blog brought tears to my eyes as it should but I am starting my day with your heartfelt words that will continue to resonate. Thank you. You are a beautiful gift to my spirit has hope.

  11. thanks for your wisdom and down to earth no nonsense. I appreciate the hope you have shared and my hope is that it becomes a reality. Another partial gag order on the Mad hatter giving him enough rope to “hang himself”. My angels and guides have given me a strong sense of peace for this day and week. A Maryann “faithful” watcher.

  12. The balancing of the scales, so we can take forward steps with honesty and move into reality? Maryann, you tell the truth, and that is gift the world needs now. We have learned that in the U.S., where half of us are not well enough to see or hear the truth at the moment. We are living proof of the ignorance of worshiping false gods. Truth is the basis for a better future. Longtime student.

  13. I watch you on You Tube often and am very grateful for your sincere applications of wisdom and insight. Thank you!
    Mary Jagel

  14. My heart aches as yours. Painful shredding of our humanity goes on. Our evolution to a peaceful, intelligent species seems again impossibly distant. My gratitude for your intelligence and kind nature encourages me to stay in the light. I pray Age of Aquarius will truly bring much needed relief for humanity. Bless your heart Maryann. Thank you, Elisabeth

  15. I just want to thank you for your educated awareness of the world’s events and sharing of your spiritual gifts. I would appreciate insight into an extremist’s view of upcoming starving of Americans through a horrendous food shortage. My thought was it was ‘projected’ but planned in an attempt to take over. Can you reveal what this is about, whether real or scare tactic? Any information appreciated. Thank you.

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