Understanding the energy ecosystem

Are ‘demons’ and ‘angels’ real. It’s not what you think…and yes I believe in higher energy beings (angels) and negative, lower energies however the interpretation and the ‘life’ you give these energies resides within yourself. 

My latest podcast began with a nightmare I had last week. Long black hands extending out of nowhere, seemingly, had firmly affixed themselves to my neck and were strangling the life out of me. I tried to move in this nightmarish state and couldn’t. Some people describe this as sleep paralysis. Something registered in some part of my being and in a split second, I fired white light from my own hands and said, “YOU ARE THE LIGHT”. Almost immediately, the black hands let go and I was free.

I’m sure Jung would unpick this nightmare and Dr Sigmund Freud would have a field day with it, as we say in Australia. Field days are agricultural fairs where all manner of agricultural equipment, food and people are located and congregated. It has always been a wonderful day out for rural families here. Anyway, back to the point of the nightmare, it revealed a couple of important things…firstly, I had control over what was attempting to strangle me…I was more powerful than I gave myself credit for…and secondly, I did not say I, I said ‘you are the light’.

Perhaps that’s the lesson. When we have good intentions for another in our hearts, no matter what, the destructiveness stops…and we are free.

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  1. I very much agree that the best thing in difficult circumstances is love. And what you did was an act of love. It is a good thing to remind ourselves that love can shield us from negative energies.

  2. MaryAnne, I am so glad you are sharing this powerful message to your subscribers. It gives them I ayant knowledge without having to go through years of talk therapy, medication like I did.The Spiritual therapist who treated me for three years would remind me that I was more powerful than « them ». She also taught me the importance of recognizing our emotions and staying in positive emotions like contentment, happiness, joy, peace and love. It is when we dip into depression, self doubt, anger, rage, guilt and jealousy, etc that we allow our low energy become a magnet which attracts them. It is our responsibility to be aware and adjust our emotions to maintain our own well-being.

  3. MaryAnne, I am so happy that you are doing this type of Spiritual messaging and teaching us to bring in the light for our collective well-being. While it is important to be up to date on politics and the state of the world we are at a stage where it is essential that we become ‘lighter beings’ to spread this to family, friends, loved ones and our communities, creating overlapping pods around the world.

  4. Thank you for all your brilliant and POSTIVE insights, Mary Ann! As you were describing your reaction to the hand around your throat I flashed on the tarot care “STRENGTH” which is my go-to comforter for protection. I love that you declared “You are the Light” and will remember to use that powerful expression whenever I feel unplesant energy. Sending Light, Love and Smiles from Chicago! xx

  5. I had a similar dream experience one time. I agree that the important message is to call in and to share the light in challenging situations. Btw, we Americans also say “have a field day with…” Nice to know we share some colloquialisms! Thank you for sharing your experience, Maryann.

  6. Thank you for this Maryann. At a very young age (8-9) I’m still not sure if it was a dream, but I remember I yelled ‘get out!’ to a dark presence in our house and to my surprise it left! This face off happened 2 more times, I think. One was a face to face (I am very short) we were in ‘downward dog’ position with 45. I am not a religious person, but his countenance was horrifying. You described him in this way too. Thank-you for your calming ways and your brilliance. Ruthie from Brooklyn

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