1. Hello,
    I just watched your video on Mueller and Barr and the probable outcome. I have to say when I heard that Mueller was releasing his report I was pretty distraught. I didn’t think it was possible with so much still pending. Your reading made me feel sooo much better and hopeful! Thank you! Thank you so very much for your work. I watch all your videos, I look forward to them. I have been researching truth in history all my life and current politics is histor. I research for the facts. I could see all this coming, no one would believe me. I have been very fearful that we, America, and other Democatic countries could be overtaken with nationalism and have been praying to guides and spirits and Jesus to wake enough people up to stop this evil. You help tremendously. I hope you know that. I look forward to coming videos.
    With sincere gratitude,

  2. Hi,
    My name is Fredda and I look forward to your videos. They do help me to be more positive and hopeful. I appreciate your work.
    Also, I would like to have a reading, but I don’t have s computer for skype. I only have my smart phn. Is it possible to get phn reading? I’m from America.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Freda, thanks for your feedback on the channel. I don’t offer phone readings as I’m located in Australia. If you’re in Australia then yes I do offer phone readings. Blessings, Maryann 🌸

  3. I really enjoy your readings. They are so thorough. You keep me calm in turbulent times. Will be soooo glad when Trump is gone and I’m Canadian😂. Keep up the good work. Elaine

  4. Please Read on Former VP, Biden. People are spreading the newest information. So please read on him. Thank you so much! I been following you for about 4 years and enjoy listening to you. Stay Safe and Healthy! You’re Amazing! Love & Light 💙

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