Is Karma real?


I started my YouTube channel Revealing Light Tarot to use the psychic gifts I was born with but had pushed to the background for most of my life. Instead I pursued a mainstream career, working as a media editor and, later, for the government and in consulting. Despite full and productive jobs, I always felt something was missing…it was. I wasn’t communicating directly enough with spirit.

In 2015, I was hit with the news I had cancer. Thankfully it was early stage but, nevertheless, treatment was harsh. Radiation, chemo, surgery and more chemo. It was during this time that my connection with spirit strengthened. In fact, it more than strengthened, it became supercharged. After that there was no going back. And so Revealing Light Tarot was born.

I got my first tarot deck when I was 23 years old…from an old shop tucked away on the outskirts of Kings Cross. My Aquarian deck was located in a disused part of the shop, gathering dust. I was drawn to the strange archetypes, knights and queens and, particularly, to the High Priestess. Over the years I read for family and friends…until cancer and the compelling need to live more spiritually and to use my gifts, rather than shy away from them or, more to the point, fear them.

I read recently on whether or not Karma is real. These messages are channeled quickly and through my Third Eye and Crown Chakra. The case is presented for our God given gift of manifestation, and for the practical and spiritual benefits of keeping the slate clean.

Here is a link to the file. What do you think? Is Karma real?


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  1. Mary Ann,
    Your work is truly a blessing for all who are in your sphere. I faced a shocking divorce after a 30+yr marriage, and because of Spiritual work I chose to do, I was able to come through those years to a positive life. Then I faced an unknown future, high levels of stress and suffering, but at the same time I was aware that I was being called upon to respond with a very high level of focus and strength. At this time I had a dream in which my husband was driving me to a place where got out of the car and started on a path that was obscured by a mountain on my R. I followed the path to my L, and around the mountain it became very narrow and missing in some places. With the cliff wall on my R side and a drop straight into the sea on my left, (plus a fear of heights), I was paralyzed. It was then that I heard a firm voice say, “Don’t look down, and don ‘t look back.” And then from somewhere on the top of the mountain appeared a rope with a very large knot in the end for my feet to rest on while I held tightly as it swung me way out over the ocean and safely back to solid ground on a new land I had never seen before. End of dream.

    I am 83 now, and “Don’t look down and don’t look back” was custom designed for me as I stood paralyzed with fear. And who could imagine a magic rope that would descend and swing me safely over an impossible path? Because of my studies I understood the perfect dream symbols and trusted that I would be helped in the path ahead, and I was. Some years later I received a message that I had completed my Karmic duty/debt and I was “home free but do not create new debt.” So yes, I experienced the process and believed it is simply Universal Law. Additionally, I believe the evil we are seeing now is “the bottom of the barrel.” These are low energy people who are disconnected from their source and once they are healed we can evolve.

    Thank you so much. Beautiful work!


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