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Across Republican held states in the US and in other ultra conservative governments we see a common theme emerging…moves to restrict personal choice and erode democratic freedoms. It is a movement doomed to failure, not just because it is foolhardy for democratically elected governments and courts to remove historic rights, nor that it is a time when ‘people power’ is fated in the stars…it is simply because I choose for myself. I have always chosen for myself and I always will, one way or another.

Whether it is pro-choice v right to life, the ‘Voice’ referendum in Australia, trying to ban TikTok or expelling young black lawmakers in Tennessee, bipartisan leaders will reap rewards while extremist policy makers will ultimately taste defeat. You cannot hold back the future.

Many are afraid of these authoritarian moves but the evidence is there that the critical mass…the voters, will not stand for any erosion of rights. So why do they do it, or try to, choose for us? They do it because they think they can, until they find out they can’t.

I am convinced that electoral defeat will dog the US Republican Party until it begins to reform. Many already know that governments disconnected from the people lose elections. The Conservative Party in Australia is on its knees with the Australian Labor Party in power federally and in every state of Australia other than Tasmania. They saw the signs of defeat, yet in their arrogance they persisted in courting extremism for fear of losing their base. It cost them federal and repeated state elections.

The Republican Party in the US has arrived at the same destination…repeatedly defeated until they connect again with the will of the people and until they protect freedoms, not subvert them.

In this week’s podcast, I talk about freedom of choice, and governments accountable to the people, as well as a channeled reading on the beginnings of a new civil rights movement in America, which took its first steps into reality with the expulsion of two young, black lawmakers in Tennessee.



  1. I choose for me! You are spot on. I could not agree more. I look forward to more of your input. My heart says yes we shall overcome.

  2. Thank you Maryann. I too believe things have to change. Every day it seems we are hearing of another shooting or protest. As I write this, I am listing to the news of another shooting in Louisville, Kentucky. My youngest daughter has moved to Portugal thinking she is avoiding all the violence. However, I think this movement is worldwide….I don’t know how long she will stay there.

    Much love

  3. You are a lighthouse amongst a stormy sea…
    You remind me so much of my mom — her quiet strength. Maryann, you are invaluable because when all seems dark & upside down in America, you always shine the light of Hope, and remind us that We the Collective can and will achieve anything we put our Minds and Hearts into. Spirit reigns!

  4. Dear Maryann. Thanks for this message. I would be interested to hear from you about the Voice referendum. I was upset but not surprised about the leader of the Opposition’s stance on this proposal. He appears to have just stepped out of the Ark. I will be working at one of the polls during the referendum.

  5. Thank you MaryAnn, I, for one hope that I live long enough to see the end of this fascist movement. It’s the women and young people who will get us out of this pickle.

  6. Well said. We refuse to become nothing more than the fulfillment of George Orwell’s 1984 prophecy.

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