Light orbs illuminate spirit connection

During my spiritual journey which began as a young girl understanding that I needed first to know myself before I could begin to know others, I have researched many esoteric concepts and beliefs. The one constant throughout the gathering of knowledge has been the real possibility of developing a deep connection to Spirit. Some of you know my back story; that in 2015 a very serious illness and prolonged rehabilitation further illuminated my spirituality. So many signs and guides were put in my path that it became impossible for me to continue to live the same life in the same way.

A dream one night which took me to what I thought of as the Afterlife and picking up my tarot again not long after, brought a rush of validation that my pathway was no longer my ‘orthodox’ and mainstream career, but lay instead in reconnecting with my clairvoyance and using my intuition in the everyday world. This profound realization has taken me back to myself and to abilities I had used in childhood but never fully understood, and so had they’d been relegated to the recesses to gather dust. I began Revealing Light Tarot in 2018 and have been pushed, no rushed forward, towards using as much of my psychic abilities as I currently know how to do. I say ‘currently’ because I believe we do not stop learning…ever.

Despite a wholehearted embrace of my spirituality and reconciliation with who I am and my purpose in this life, a lifetime’s analytical and sometimes skeptical thinking remains. In all my travels in this life up until last year – professional career person by day; esoteric explorer by night – I have never been able to fully accept that angels have the names we humans give them, that the most powerful and uttered of the ‘archangels’ appear to be male, and that those like the former angelic author and guru Doreen Virtue (who’s now rejected her early pioneering work for a brand of fire and brimstone Christianity), can channel ‘messages from the angels’. It all seemed a little…kitsch to be totally honest. However…

Around a fortnight ago I was doing a ‘reading’ upstairs in my bedroom for my Patreon viewers. I had decided to throw my tarot cards on the subject of whether or not angels exist. Immediately, as soon as I sat down, I was aware of rapid energy bursts around me in the room. Before I pressed the record button, I felt the light orbs behind me. This wasn’t the first time they’d appeared while I was reading in a video, but it was the first time they came en masse and coinciding with particular phrases. The phrase that seemed to resonate with particular orbs was the name of ‘Metatron’.

I won’t give away too much more of what occurred in this video. I’ll let you watch it for yourself. When you’re viewing, watch for light orbs at: 2:43, 16:25, 17:21 and 18:53. Let me know what you think.




  1. Lovely! I am a novice. However, this is eye opening – the joy is clear in you! 💞💜💞

  2. It is my understanding that Archangel Michael is protection and Raphael is healing, Gabriel is birthing something new. Those are all I know. I saw the orbs!!!

  3. What a wonderful journey! I’ve been a devotee my whole life (from Cherokee teacher to Sufi teacher to Indian guru) but it wasn’t until I (and 250 others) took a long workshop with Doreen that my 3rd eye willingly opened. By the first day almost everyone was seeing angels – because she gave us permission I think. The world needs spiritual teachers so please keep up your excellent work! Orbs are so much fun! 💙🌸 Christina Haftmann

  4. Hi MaryAnn,
    Have to admit that I have been sceptical over the past 10 or so years around the angelic realm stuff, but recently, ie. the last 2 days I have listened to or read about Metatron. Listening to you today, talking about your memories of your guardian angel from childhood, I also recalled my own memories of my guardian angel, on my left shoulder. He/she has been there for me in some very dire personal circumstances over my lifetime and I am overjoyed to be reminded of their constant presence.

    I had a very difficult day yesterday, family communication-wise. Stood in 2 bank lineups for my 89 year old father where the tellers were newbies and made me stand around even longer only to let me know they couldn’t do what I wanted. Plus, I had to wait 3 1/2 hours in town for a $928 brake job to be completed on my car. (More credit card debt).

    I wish I had called on some angelic help yesterday, as I clearly needed it. Lol.

    I definitely can see the orbs in your video. I’m glad you got a good nights sleep. I was good till 4 am this morning when I woke to go to the bathroom, but then I started to ruminate about yesterday’s events and my family members demands/requests of me and decided to get up. I’m glad I decided to watch your video, I feel much better now.

  5. Ah, I like the way you make it sound so easy. After several tries orb 4 must be above my vibration, so I still have work to do. Thank you!

  6. This was inspired, for sure. The Metatron energy really got strong here during your last few moments of speaking. I don’t know enough about M to comment, but I FELT the ENERGY. I am glad and grateful you shared this video. I needed to see it. BTW, I live on east coast of USA and listen to your political tarot readings frequently. But this feels more like your calling.

  7. Maryann,
    You have such a different look, you have a new radiance about you. I feel and know, you have been refuelled by your angelic family. It’s your origin, it is like you have come back home.

    You are part of my family too. Great insights.
    Love and Thank you.

  8. I listened to your message regarding Angels, once this morning, and again just now. (It’s after midnight here. It is Heartwarming.
    I will not hesitate to call upon the Angel(s) when needed, or just to say hello.
    Appreciate you sharing with us.
    MaryAnn, I am grateful I was led to you.

    1. Mary Ann, I really appreciate your post on the energy orbs. I have had some experiences myself with them at my house in the garden but only through photography. They are photoed and hang in the air, many colors and sizes. I first thought it was a dirty lense but then came to realize what they were when I started doing some research. Haven’t seen them in awhile which makes me worry as maybe my property is not as welcoming as before in some way. I could use them again! Last year I took a night picture with my daughter in downtown L.A. and Lo and behold the air was full of them. L.A is full of spirits, for sure. But to experience them live must be amazing. I would love to have that happen. Maybe I need to be more aware…that speck in the air, or flash of light ?. As far as angel names, growing up very orthodox catholic, I was weened on them, but always felt strange in some way calling them to me by such formal names. And then our guardian angel is supposed to have a name. I struggled and asked over and over..but then driving one night it came to me…The name Joy. Didn’t think there was an angel Joy, but yes, there is…it is Haniel and is associated with the planet Venus. I had a book I used regularly in the late 90’s, I will try to find again. It was a great reference book on angels and energy work. Anyway , MaryAnn, I really enjoyed your post and would love to year and see more of your energy orbs. Mary

  9. Just wonderful! I, too, have been blessed all of my life. The orbs,when you’d say Metatron, were a delightfully affirming. I know nothing about this energy. I will meditate on the energetic Metatron. I am thankful you mentioned Doreen Virtrue. Such a disappointing time for me. Thanks for sharing your expertise and encouragement to know ourselves. Blessings.

  10. Wonderful. Maryann, you’re a patient lightworker and teacher. The orbs were obvious and Metatron seemed the catalyst.
    I have been blessed all of my life and your encouragement to know ourselves has me strongly considering to meditate on M. Please continue to share your talents skills. 😍

  11. Enjoyed this and amazed by the orbs. Very affirming and reassuring. I’ve always had the perception that Angel’s wings were a human depiction of light energy radiating from these beings. That said, I’ve had some significant feather experiences I attribute to angelic presence. I believe in calendars likely based on ancient religious text and/or astrology, each birthday or range of days is assigned a specific angel especially resonant for them. I believe mine was Raphael, if I’m not mistaken, and apparently this being is especially a protector of solitude and wisdom through observing the natural world. Those two things are closer to my heart than anything in Earthly experience, so that made sense to me. But before I became aware of any hierarchy or names, I remember distinctly in a time of need as a teen as I walked across a hot stretch of desert while having an asthma attack and wearing a plastic back brace as I did through high school. I literally saw a shadow on the ground next to me though no one was there physically, and felt a wave of calm that helped me go the rest of the way home. It felt to me an angelic presence rather than a guide. Ever since I can remember, I’m happiest in solitude, without ever feeling alone. 🙂

  12. Maryann,
    Have been a huge fan of your youtubes on current events here in the USA since April. Your spiritual tone calms me and has helped me through these trying times. By chance today I found this older tape you did on the Angels and especially Metatron. I saw all the orbs!! Synchronistically amazing as for the last few days my mind has been focussed on a young Australian artist’s beautiful red gum wood grid board. Casey Francis a former fire fighter in Victoria had a spiritual awakening and now creates spiritual art. His wooden grid boards are accented with tiny pieces of Lapis lazuli or chrysacolla and clear sealed. The grid that captured my interest was Metatron’s Cube. So for last few days I have been searching for info on the Cube and on Metatron. And today I stumbled across this reading of yours from last year! No coincidences…Blessings and LIGHT.

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