Doing the work.

A couple of days ago, I read on the New Moon in Virgo. It was a blend of astrology and tarot, and clairvoyance, I was comfortable with…so much of the past month of August 2021 had been uncomfortable, ranging to distressing.

At the beginning of the month I had a serious sense of foreboding (is there any other kind?). I say ‘serious’ because I’ve covered much over the past 4 years psychically across the world and have not been as rattled. Perhaps it was the Delta variant sweeping across my home state in Australia, perhaps it was the horrendous withdrawal of allies and the US from the ill-fated Afghanistan ‘war’, or the absolute madness on anything from Covid and vaccines, through to the illogical and insane conspiracy theories emanating from Q-anon. Such insanity that there are actually ‘Q’ Members of Congress in the US, and not far from it in other countries. The continual connection to that energy just wore me down. At times, it felt like we were all on the verge of drowning in our own destruction.

As August began, I was dreaming of an endless procession of funerals – black hearses outside churches – and then my dreams turned to severe flooding events. Boats floating underwater, torrential rains and stranded people in homes. I warned my viewers at the beginning of the month…August is going to be difficult. This was cold comfort to me, seemingly caught in the anxiety of knowing what was coming. As it turned out, my readings on Delta being uncontrollable across my state, were correct (other states have more control at this point). Horrendous flooding across Europe and in parts of the US seemed to be prescient. As I write, Hurricane Ida is bearing down on Louisiana. Is this where the submerged boats were? I warned viewers there would be people needing to get to high ground. And yet, despite the heaviness of August, including the deaths and mayhem in our withdrawal from Afghanistan, I felt a shift coming in September. I outlined my insight in a New Moon in Virgo reading which is included in this post. What does this mean…will things get easier? Not quite yet, though I see signs of progress nevertheless.

On 6th September 2021, the New Moon enters the most hard-working of the zodiac signs. Over Washington, it is in the 6th House of work, public service and health. There are real signs, I feel, of people waking up to the endless loop of negativity that governs our politics. What we are seeing…the rise of the ‘Big Lie/s’, the conspiracy theorists, the aggressive ‘Covid-19 is a hoax-ers ’, the split mentality of far right and far left politics…the unwillingness to give any ground, and the sheer destructiveness of the continual media and social media cycles, is no accident. We are meant to see this…we are seeing this…and we know it has to change if we are to survive. I believe enough of us are noticing this now, and with that attention, so too is the need to do the work…to repair, to reform and to move forward, not backwards. There is no better time for this than when the New Moon (setting goals) is in Virgo (doing the work).

So, yes, I am still optimistic despite what we’ve witnessed in August. We are getting ‘woke’ from our complacency and polarisation because there is no other choice. Change is often necessary and always inevitable.

New Moon in Virgo, 6th September 2021.


    1. I just keep singing the song I remember from Sunday school. This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine. Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine. To all light workers, keep shining brightly, the storm is raging, and we are the lighthouses. To all those lost in the storm, look only to the light and let the darkness fall away. The glory of brighter days, and lighter hearts always comes after the storm. This too shall pass. Love to all!

    2. And so it is. One day at a time. We will get thru it all, together. Thank you for your sharing your insights.
      Sending Love and Light

  1. I absolutely in agreement with the statement that;
    Yes we have seen and witnessed a lot of dishonor, destruction, untruths and our right lying. And still I am optimistic despite what we’ve witness.

  2. Thank you for your insight, you are one the main tarot readers I subscribe to and follow and listen to your readings on the way to work, sort of like a mantra of sorts, helping me focus and have an intention for the day. Your channel has been a beacon of light guiding me threw these crazy times, thanks again, you are truly talented with the cards.

  3. Thanks Maryann, I suspect it is the insights of the Seers such as yourself that challenge the collective consciousness to change perspectives and see where we all individually and collectively need to bring each other and this planet into equilibrium. This asks us all to be reflective and play our part to save the planet and each other at so many levels. Thanks to you, your gifts are much appreciated Arohanui 🌸 Deborah Jayne

    1. I think we all ‘know’ at some level what we need to do and, slowly, we get to the point where there is enough ‘critical mass’ as one reader put it here, for change to occur. I am optimistic that is happening through a very difficult process.

  4. Planting trees, listening, working hard. Change is afoot! Keep grounded (bare foot)set good boundaries, stick to the high ground. Try ‘happy pose’ .. ‘arms up over the head’
    Grateful for you all and Maryann shines. Little by little we are waking up.

  5. Dear Marianne,
    You bring so much stability into our lives. You are a pillar of support for so many. I am sending back to you love, light, grace and energy so your sense of well being is lifted. You will be included in my meditations from now on. We are all in this together. XOXOX Janice

  6. Thank you for giving of yourself so deeply. As usual your knowingness brings hope to my heart. You are the best.
    For me you are a COSMIC ANCHOR. NAMASTE.

  7. It’s always darkest before the dawn. Stay grounded. As you say, change is inevitable. This will pass as have many, many things throughout the eons of time, as we count it. Our prayers of intention filled with love and gratitude make the difference, bring the change. We are workers of the Light. Stay in hope. Blessed be. When the load gets heavy reach out for the never ending help. You do not burden alone. ♥

  8. Thank you so much for your readings and your gentle perspective and wise counsel. You have helped immesely through the darkest of days.

  9. Maryann, you and your words are a beacon of light in the darkened sky. Thank you for your expertise and beautiful heart. I commit.

  10. Thanks for sharing. I’ve had dreams since, you know who, took office. However, the diffulculties aren’t just because of him. We as a people are being forced to change by all means the the universe. Unfortunately, I think we have a while to go before the mass understand what’s going all. Stay in love everyone!

  11. Dear Friend. I’ve been feeling that bigger than ever before. I keep going to morning protocol and prayers. I feel the Light connection with You and the members of this circle ….I guess we signed up for this in the pre mortal and a path has been provided. Im so very thank full you are here on the path way. Let’s go fishing or have a big picnic when this is over. I’ll bring the chips and dip.

  12. Well said Marianne, I was thinking more along the lines of everything mercury,/Jupiter coming to and end and we’ll be moving on to Taurus/Scorpio issues. Our physicality versus our lust might be a more interesting display than thoughts become things. It feels like we are in the lot throws of a red hot dragon. Hold on, just.hold.on

  13. thank you Mary Ann. You are the best. I, and many of my friends, rely on you for info and look to you for comfort. You have more reach and more impact than you may realize. So thank you for being here for us. It means a lot.

  14. If just ONE of these issues was in place, that would be difficult enough. But the hits just keep on coming, one after another after another. I’m in California living between two huge fires. We are choking on smoke every single day. We are all burned out and exhausted going on five years now. I’m sure we would all welcome some relief. Thank you for all of your readings and especially the ones that offer a glimmer of hope!

  15. So right on! I have had the same underlying tension but try to keep a positive outlook and send out positive, healing energy. I worry the most about Mother Earth. Her destruction has the most impact on us all, beyond the crazies, and even COVID.

  16. Love getting your newsletter, Maryanne. I watched your reading on YouTube but the newsletter puts it all so clearly. It’s so helpful. I had no idea how bad August would be both in the world and in my own life. This month I’ve been saying 2021 makes 2020 seem like a picnic. God be with us and thank you again for your wonderful work.

  17. Well..redundant , yes..but this particulary august was/is so heavy on the heart and soul. One hopes the days fly fast to the comfort of the sept 6 full moon
    Thank you very much maryann i appreciate your wisdom of thought and gifts of revelation
    And the calm of your voice in these times.

    (I leave a connection for those interested to a post of a woman writer living in afganistan quite stoic with a perspective different than the media )

    Peace to us all

  18. Thank you Maryann..well done. Yes, we are all feeling grumpy and scared. I see it in myself and my family and friends. And, until we all wake up, it is just going to continue.

  19. Thank you so much for this email! I’ve had to turn off the news for my own mental health. I agree that we’re getting woken up. I feel like spirit is shaking us and yelling, “Can you hear me now?”

  20. Thank you MaryAnn for sharing your intuitive and personal thoughts with us. I think women in particular feel the heaviness of the moment. I have a need to stay abreast of what’s going on in the world so I counter balance by spending time outside as much as possible. The joy is much diminished by the wildfires that rage here in Washington State where I reside. So far we’ve planted 17 trees and 8 bushes around our home this summer, it’s just a teeny tiny bit of what’s been lost, but we can all plant a tree and make a difference. Thank you so much for creating a space for us to come for truth and light. Blessings to you and all.

  21. Maryanne, you are fantastic. Definitely believe you are connected to spirit.
    I really love your readings, thanks so much
    for all that you do!

  22. Thank you, Maryanne for sharing this and to others who wrote to you. Yes, as Richard above wrote, yes I am some what of a pathological empath. 🙂 What a great description. Peace to you no matter what you have to do. Maryanne, I have never had such a difficult month in recent times and so much tears and sobbing. A help was a 6 minute from Cash Peters here that got me through each night:

    The more sensitive we are the harder it seems and your readings and tone of voice are so calming to get us through. I thank all who have shared here their thoughts and hearts. Esther

  23. I’ve been following you for a long time. Your progression has been phenomenal because Spirit needs one as humble and wise as yourself to do his work. I am a Sag AND WAS BORN WITH “CAUL” VEIL OVER MY FACE. I SENSE THINGS, I am anxious and tense, somewhat scared. I know something big and bad is on it’s way. Call it THE END TIMES or what you will, but something sinister is about to happen. Thank you, my friend. Keep up the good work.

  24. Let’s all focus on raising our vibration, individually & collectively in order to shift to a higher frequency/density reality. Love 💕 & Light 🕯, Maryann & so much gratitude for your sharing, what you do.💖🤘🏼🤍🌻🕊🤩😷🤓

  25. Exceptionally well said. I believe that we as humans, especially those of us so privileged, need to see all of the mania, hate, loss of life and destruction to hit our “bottom” so to speak. We have time left and so much opportunity to save our planet and all life on it. The Universe can provide for every living being. Humans need to step away from the precipice of fear and focus on the positive opportunities! Imagine if we could embrace all of our differences with love and acceptance! Thanks for all of the energy you put into your readings! Your are so appreciated 🙏🤗

  26. Right ON, Sister!
    As bad as it has all felt for so long, I have this incredibly strong feeling that we came here to see this process through. We are all here, together, to witness and facilitate the evolution of humankind to a higher resonance.

  27. It was no accident that I found you, Maryann, just at the beginning of your you tube channel.
    It was refreshing to find someone like myself who could “see, feel”? things coming. I’ve had so many experiences that were unusual along with a Kundalini experience that enhanced my
    intuitive abilities 3 fold. You were my first reader and always my go to gal. I enjoy my community so much and it is so comforting to have you all always there to make some sense of what is happening in this world.
    I believe it is up to us to hold open the pathway to peace and love that is waiting patiently for
    all of us to enter. I thank you for your courage to put yourself out there, it gave me courage to bring to family and friends my “information?” from spirit. You have been an inspiration for us all
    . Love and light to you and to all Light Workers around the world. There is strength in numbers
    and I know we can make the Ascension happen! The Light in me Honors the Light in You! Namaste

  28. Thank you, MaryAnn, for always being true. I wonder if part of my job is to see the world changing for the better, holding that vision up, even though our current reality is grim. It’s not always easy. Sending Love and Light and Good Health to you and yours. Miriam

  29. Thank you for this and all your very inspiring videos. Many readers out there do not share the same focus as you do and call attention to and emphasize the negative energies. This only helps to strengthen and energize them. At this point in evolution, we must promote the positive changes that are occurring and not emphasize and enforce the negative energies that are coming to the surface to be exposed and eliminated from the consciousness of the planet. Your readings help so much in this way. Please Continue with your wonderful and uplifting work and many many blessings to you.

  30. Dearest Maryanne

    The work is to change ourselves. As we continue to seek outside for the seeds of change, the whirl of storms, sickness, and cons will only grow in violence.

    I like what you said about the “conscientious objectors.” Actually put that into practice with a Tai chi student of mine who is a Covid denier. He did not fathom the meaning. But, the energy did change.

    While wrestling with my own demon thoughts in the wee hours Saturday morning, my guides gave me the following:

    I receive Love
    I am Love
    I radiate Love

    I receive the Living Truth
    I am the Living Truth
    I radiate the Living Truth

    There are more tools available to We Light Workers. Each will have their own transmissions that will transmute the Demons. The trick is to face them head on with Love. To avoid or resist or fight back or fall into depression will create a resonance that will feed and enlarge the Shadow hanging over us.

    It is harsh work if we take it up.
    The rewards far exceed the efforts.

    aka Mrs Tyler J Barnes on YouTube

  31. Your words tend to strike directly at the heart of future events, so accurate, a bit unsettling at times, but they always comfort me. Since I have been following you, I seem to be able to handle the news of the world by viewing it from a higher level of being. Thank you for sharing your gifts!

  32. I so much appreciate your readings, which help in sorting out all the things we are experiencing, at such a precarious time. One can’t help but see the bigger picture unfolding as we watch, sometimes in horror, then sadness, one thing after another. It’s almost as if the universe is saying, you haven’t learned yet, how about now.. and on we go. It’s so frustrating to see so many people so far away from reality and waiting for them just to open their eyes even a little. With the pandemic, not just the vaccine issue but our freedom to wear a mask…or climate change. I have to share that my husband was hesitant to get the vaccine because he always had side effects from others in the past, but saw how serious it was getting and has now gotten both vaccines (phizer). He had no ill effects at all, just the same as most, just a day where he felt run down and like something was coming on, then fine the next. I’m grateful that I have a space to hear like minded opinions, in such a caring environment. You are making a difference in so many lives, including mine. Blessings to you and yours!❤️✨🙏🏽

  33. Dear One,
    I too am an empath, although I haven’t gone public with this yet. Your pain and suffering through the last few months is very similar to my own. I have vivid dreams of every person moving their homes to far away from where the are now…across the world. My interpretation is that our reality is changing to the very core of our beings. The presence of water in every move is telling me that spirit is with us but we have to make our own choices. I think of you so often and send peace and love your way. Namaste, LaVette Columbo, Oregon, USA

  34. Thank you Maryann on encapsulating the good, bad and the ugly. But also let’s along sing Count our blessings otherwise the doom and gloom that surrounds the world will eat into our soul! Stay safe always. X

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