Channeling Nostradamus

I’m not entirely sure when the energetic vibration of Nostradamus presented itself but it did, including with the significance of rose petals which I later found out were quite important in the healing work of Nostradamus.

Most of us know this seer for his blindingly accurate predictions. Less is known about his healing work with plague victims. I found this channeling quite special because I learnt about Nostradamus the human being. He revealed a man with a deep love of family and of helping the poor who received little medical help throughout the epidemics of plague. Yet Nostradamus healed many through simple and effective hygienic regimes, and a commitment to help.

Prior to the channeling I did not know how Nostradamus saw the visions which formed the basis of his predictions but I saw a method later confirmed with my research post channeling. I’ll leave the video to speak for itself; and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did…learning about the compassionate and humanistic person that was Nostradamus. These same strengths allowed him to predict accurately, and perhaps to help humanity into the future.


8 Comments on “Channeling Nostradamus”

  1. Thank you, Maryann, for a very interesting channeling of Nostradamus! I never knew much about him.


  2. Thanks Maryann. You are brave and courageous to put your consciousness in other places. I wonder if Nostradamus is going to incarnate back to earth.


  3. Hi MaryAnn,

    I so enjoyed this remote viewing and really loved what you shared about the roses and the rose waters. I use a rose hydrating cream in the morning.

    I awoke to my plants weeping next to my bed. It shifted me to doing an ANCESTOR card reading for myself. Using The Shining Tribe Deck by Rachael Pollack. Do you know that spread?


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